Manifest United (2018)

Verk digs into artists’ manifestos of the last hundred years, and throw theirselves into a hurricane of changing ideas, transformations and artistic envisions. It deals with nothing less than a revolution. The artists’ manifestos are eccentric, without reason, even scandalous as they combine humour, wisdom and alarming demands. Artists’ Manifestos United will be a cacophony of voices from diverse art forms.

Come as you are (2017)

Come as you are invites you to let go of understanding, to succumb to the unknown, getting lost and then finding a way back. Premiered March 2017.

Wishful Beginnings

Wishful Beginnings (2016)

“An apocalyptic after-party” (Aftenposten). Premiered April 2016 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

Beat The Drum (2015)

Premiered in Copenhagen June 2015. Beat the drum is focusing on the present and future.

Paradise Now (2014)

A re-establishment of the enigmatic time in which crucial choices were made. Premiered November 2014 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo.


Stalker (2013)

A story about a film about a journey to a room. Winner of The Norwegian Hedda Prize 2013: “Best performance of the year”. Premiered April 2013 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

Build Me A Mountain

Build Me a Mountain (2011)

How to relate to our own time and how to continue to live when all the illusions are gone. Premiered in Helsinki 2011.

The Eternal Smile

The Eternal Smile (2010)

A performance about the dead and their complex relationship towards the living, based upon the swedish author Pär Lagerkvist novel written in 1920. Winner of The Hedda Award 2011 in the category of Best Performance of the year. Premiered November 2010.