Come as you are (2017)

Four performers that have been working together off and on for a decade, strips everything down to the bones in their next performance, revealing the expressive power of imitation and simple gestures. What is absorbed and transformed, engaged and appropriated in the making of performance? They are searching for the small moments of joy: the joy in repetition, the joy in patterns, the joy of connecting meaning and the joy of change.

It is also an urge to examine the simple, naive and expressive power in a small gesture, a word, a tiny variation of tone or rhythm: To look for potentialities between things together with the audience.  Their wish is to create an “open” space, which invites performers and audiences alike to play along. A space where any and every–thing can happen within a structured duration. It is an exercise of awareness: to evoke one´s attentiveness, and the fundamental inability to ever grasp that present moment.

Photo / video: Camilla Jensen

‘Come as you are’ – short video from rehearsals December 2016 from verkproduksjoner on Vimeo.

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