Artists’ Manifestos United (2018)

Artists ́ Manifestos United (working title) will premiere in April 2018 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo. Verk is currently doing research and will start rehearsals with everyone involved January 2018.

Come as you are (2017)

Come as you are invites you to let go of understanding, to succumb to the unknown, getting lost and then finding a way back. Premiered March 2017.

Paradise Now (2014)

A re-establishment of the enigmatic time in which crucial choices were made. Premiered November 2014 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo.


Stalker (2013)

A story about a film about a journey to a room. Winner of The Norwegian Hedda Prize 2013: “Best performance of the year”. Premiered April 2013 at Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

Build Me A Mountain

Build Me a Mountain (2011)

How to relate to our own time and how to continue to live when all the illusions are gone. Premiered in Helsinki 2011.

The Eternal Smile

The Eternal Smile (2010)

A performance about the dead and their complex relationship towards the living, based upon the swedish author Pär Lagerkvist novel written in 1920. Winner of The Hedda Award 2011 in the category of Best Performance of the year. Premiered November 2010.

Play Alter Native

Play Alter Native (2009)

Om menneskenes maktkamp om knappe goder, om krigens logikk og hva som skjer når penger blir blandet inn konflikten.

Dealing With Helen

Dealing With Helen (2008)

”Damn good theatre” – Morgenbladet(Oslo weekly) ”Interesting and entertaining performance” – Dagsavisen(Oslo daily) ”Amusing and entertaining experience” – NRK(Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), P2 Finn Iunker belongs to the playwrights most frequently performed abroad, but it’s not until Verk Productions that we have really been introduced to his dramatic work here at home. The company made a huge success with […]


Ifigenia (2006)

Verk Produksjoner asks questions about the world and the theatre. This desire characterizes VP’s version of the classic drama Iphigenia in Aulis, written by Euripides in the 4th century BC. In the play the Greek commander Agamemnon offers to sacrifice his daughter to gods to have favourable winds to sail to Troy. Verk has been […]


House (2005)

Verks’ staging of ”House” by Richard Maxwell marks the first time this influential American dramatist is staged, not only in Norway, but Scandinavia in general. Premiered 2005 at Black Box Theatre.

The duck variations (2003)

Verk has chose a modern cult-classic for thIS production; the acclaimed off-off-Broadway play, “The Duck Variations”, by the American playwright David Mamet. Premiered 2003.

The Orchard was all white (1999)

“The performance The Garden was white is a reconstructed modern version of Anthony Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard. In The Garden was white, the Bal Theater (Danish) and Verk Produksjoner (Norwegian) give Chekov’s play from the 1800s a timeless frame. The reproduction puts together pieces of the realistic drama in such a way that the play […]