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Saila Hyttinen

Artistic director and actor in Verk Produksjoner together with Fredrik Hannestad. Education from Nordic Theatre School in Århus (DK) and from University in Helsinki where she studied directing for children. Hyttinen have been working with dance, yoga and choreography since 1986 - being involved in international dance courses and seminars. Hyttinen organize workshops in theatre and dance and is a full time member of Verk Produksjoner. 


Saila Hyttinen founded Verk Produksjoner in 1998 together with Fredik Hannestad and Oscar Skulstad. 


Fredrik Hannestad

Director and artistic leader of Verk Produksjoner. Educated in Italy Pontremoli “Institutet för Scenkonst” (SV) led by Ingmar Lindh and received a 3-year actor studies from Aarhus, Denmark “ Nordic theatre school” led by Tage Larsen and Anna Lica from Odin Theatre.

I met Anders in 1989 in a school in Italy and Saila in a school in Denmark. We have been somehow in the same schools. I have been working as a freelance actor since 1992 before we started a group - first in Denmark in 1993. After some years, in 1998, I moved to Norway with Saila and decided to start Verk Produksjoner. Since then, much of my time goes to the work to keep this Verk production somehow alive. It is not only actor’s work, it has been many years with a lot of administration, applying for money, planning or producing. From the beginning we made our performances together, we were all acting, there was no director. It was pretty interesting in that way, but in the last performances I've taken the role as a director, because we took many new people in and we wanted to give them more secure surroundings. 


Anders Mossling

Actor and artistic leader of Verk Produksjoner together with Hannestad and Hyttinen. Educated in Italy Pontremoli “Institutet för Scenkonst” (SV) led by Ingmar Lindh and “Scenestudio” in Stockholm Sweden. Besides Verk, Anders work with different theatres and constellations in Denmark and Sweden. In 2017 Anders received the Swedish "guldbagge" award for best film actor in leading role for the film The Yard. 

”The only important thing in the long run is that we have been working together for so long time and we continue to work. When we start a new show it is a continuation of the last one in a way. I do not feel that we are ready now and then we start with something new, when it comes to acting we try do develop it further.”  

Solveig Laland Mohn

Solveig Laland Mohn (1981) is a freelance actor and director. She holds a bachelors`s degree in theatre from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2006) and has studied theatre and literature theory at the university of Oslo (2013).

Solveig has been working with Verk Produksjoner since 2006 and is a co-founder of the independent theatre group Artilleriet Produksjoner (  As well as working in these two companies, she has been working in different projects and theatre such as Teater Innlandet, Hamar Teater, Rogaland Teater and Brageteateret.

Solveig Laland Mohn

Håkon Mathias Vassvik

Actor in Verk Produksjoner since 2006. When he is not part of any productions in Verk he works with theatre in different forms, mostly as an actor, but also as an director and writer in his own and others productions. He is a member of Ferske Scener. 


Per Platou

Sound designer in Verk Produksjoner since 2003. 

Per Platou

Tilo Hahn

Verk's light designer since 2006. Tilo is working mainly as a freelancer for dance and theatre productions. His latest project besides Verk Produksjoner has been for Henriette Pedersen, Eirik Fauske, Ingri Fiksdal and Carte Blanche. Typical for his work is to be part of an production in its early stage to make it his own. In this way he can give his own 'voice' to the piece that doesn't necessarily follow the plots on stage but contribute more in a whole of the production. He often experiment with alternative ways of direction the light and use video as part of his light design. 


Signe Becker

Signe Becker (1981) is a freelance scenographer and artist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) in Fredrikstad (2006) and a master’s degree in visual culture from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2008). Her artistic projects include theatre- and dance productions, as well as personal art projects. 

In recent years, she has worked on a number of productions at Black Box Teater (2006-16), Trøndelag Teater (2013-2016), Haugesund Teater (2016), Rogaland Teater (2008), Hordaland Teater (2007), Dramatikkens Hus (2010-15), Grusomhetens Teater (2009), Teater Avant Garden (2011), Baltic Circle Helsinki (2011), Brageteatret (2013), og Dansens Hus (2009). 

Since 2006, Becker has been a permanent scenographer at Verk Produksjoner. Two out of five of their performances have been nominated for the Norwegian Hedda Award for performing arts, the performance Det eviga leendet (2011) and Stalker (2013) won the price of The performance of the year. Since 2011 Becker has made several collaborations with choreographer Ingri Fiksdal and artist Ingvild Langgård, projects that have been (and still are) touring several countries.

Becker represented Norway at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015.


Espen Klouman Høiner

Actor in Verk Produksjoner since 2015.


Pernille Mogensen

Verk Produksjoner's producer since 2012. Together with Saila and Fredrik she's at the office doing the daily work of the company. 

Verk Produksjoner.

When she's not busy organizing the people in Verk she is the general manager for Dramatikkfestivalen - a festival promoting new text for theatre, and does lectures in Entrepreneurship for students at the Barratt Due institute of Music.