Ongoing reflections

The background of this research is based in my belief that there is always more to reality than what we see, and we still don´t know what that “more” is, unless we investigate and experiment. At the end of the day this “more” often thrives in the realm of the poetic, in the sphere of affects and feelings, where we can get a sense of it without being able to categorize it. It´s impossible to say what it is because it usually speaks silently. So then one could ask oneself why the hell am I writing a text about something that speaks silently? Well, that is a nitty gritty good question. Actually, I should shut up and work, do some real work, produce something purposeful. Or as I believe Warhol said: “don´t cry – work”. But at the same time, I believe that it is possible to touch something significant through words or at least approach the contours (shadows), the outskirts of that which speaks silently or said more precisely, writing about the making of conditions for the unknown to appear. I hope I haven´t lost my readers already, but just to make it clear, this is, and will be, an impossible task and if somebody ever reads this, they will hopefully misunderstand everything and make something much better than I intended in the first place.

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