House (2005)

"...ubehaget spredde seg i kroppen. Det føltes som om jeg hadde vært vitne til dommedag over moral, etikk og medmenneskelighet."

House – av Richard Maxwell

Verks present staging of ”House” by Richard Maxwell, marks the first time this influential American dramatist is staged, not only in Norway, but Scandinavia in general.

In a house and a family, severed individuals seek coherence in their existence. Now that the subject, the expressed I, is defined by others and the past no longer forms a supporting story, the encounter with an instinctive force of survival, the omnipresent spirit of commerce, makes life a very fragile affair. They seek surrogates and footholds in presumptions of a culture and a society; - school, the city, theatre - or aid when it is needed. Are culture and welfare clichés with no practical value? Or do they have an independent, integral and respected position, - as the source of a value-based oppositional force.

Verk, established in 1998,express a continuity in the form of dialogue that exists between theatre and performance with their present treatment of Richard Maxwell's script. Verk has developed a particular mode of play in which it is vital to allow the script to appear in as pure a form as possible, on its own, without destroying it with too many props. One might say that the script is approached with a humble attitude while also demanding that the script alone can sustain itself.

Verk has developed a specific language that alternates between acting and non-acting. In front of the audience they candidly switch between different modes of acting, allowing the spectator to take part in the transformation. Key elements are: close proximity and stage settings that expose the actors vulnerability. Their particular approach to script and theatrical device suits Maxwells play well.

"Uhyggens Hus", (Dagsavisen 19.3.05) (pdf faksimile her)
"Ubehaget som kom tilbake", (Morgenbladet 22.4.05) (pdf faksimile her)
"Ei varsla hending", (Klassekampen 3.5.05) (pdf faksimile her)

Spilte forestillinger :
Black Box Teater, Oslo 17 - 20. mars 2005
Avant-Garden, Trondheim 27 + 28. april 2005
Black Box Teater 18 - 20 oktober 2005
Det Kongelige teater, Turbinehallerne, København 11.desember 2005

Forestillingen er støttet av Norsk kulturfond og Fond for lyd og bilde

Fredrik Hannestad, Saila Hyttinen, Anders Mossling, Jonas Bræin Selvig
Rolf Engelsen, Per Platou, Thomas Storm, Borghild Marie Kvale.

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